Best Apps for Investment

These days there are apps for everything, and investment is no exception. These handy apps put the information you need right in the palm of your hand and can be used absolutely anywhere. Here is a selection of the best free apps for investment to get you started.

  • Acorns – this special app allows people to invest small amounts of money at a time. This is a great option for those who are new to investing or don’t have a lot of spare cash to get started.
  • Feedly – this RSS app offers quick connections to the main news outlets so that users can keep up to date with all of the latest investment news.
  • Forex Hero – people who are interested in learning the basics of Forex trading so that they can hone their skills and make a profit when they are good enough can use this fun and easy hqdefault (1)game to get started.
  • JStock – get the latest stock market information to put yourself ahead of the competition with this vibrant app.
  • FRED Economic Data – learning what to invest in and how to recognize the best options is one of the keys to success and this handy app can be used to learn this very useful skill.
  • MyStocks – this fairly new stock market application is already proving to be very popular and features plenty of flair to help people who are new to stocks get a feel for it.
  • Yahoo Finance – Yahoo users may well be already familiar with this handy app that is a real wizard for all aspects of the finance world.
  • NetDania Forex & Stocks – this is one of the most popular investment apps around and makes finding the right information extremely easy.
  • SigFig Investment Optimizer – keep up with the latest stock prices and your investments when on the move with this easy to use app.